Why I am Running

People ask me all the time why my role on University City’s City Council is so important to me. My answer is pretty simple—I love University City.

I have lived here for over two decades, and am the proud parent of two children. I am active in my neighborhood and my kids’ schools, and am proud to live in a city where people from different cultures, religions, orientations, colors, and political opinions can come together to create a vibrant community.

It has been an honor to serve on your city council. Though not without its challenges, it has truly been the pleasure of my life. However, our work must not stop. With your help, I am ready to take the next step. Together, we can continue to move University City forward.

I have chosen to run for mayor because I know firsthand the importance of local government. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have a voice at the table, and a chance to ask the difficult questions that many others have been reluctant to ask—about EMS outsourcing, MSD, the budget, hiring practices, etc. I am not afraid of being the lone voice asking the tough questions when things aren’t adding up. You can count on me to be both a responsible citizen and a reliable steward of your tax dollar.

We can no longer focus on the things that divide us. We must concentrate on those issues on which we agree, and compromise on those issues where we don’t. In the last few years, you have asked for change. It was our duty to keep our promises and make those changes. We have:

  • Hired a professional city manager through a national search
  • Brought a change to the city clerk and city attorney positions
  • Passed the budget unanimously
  • Stayed out of the press

I love University City for its promise. As I walk down Delmar in the Loop and talk with small business owners, or as I visit with families at my kids’ schools, I am encouraged by what I hear. I hear stories from people who share my love of this city, and who—like me—work everyday toward making University City a better place to live.