Why I am Running

People ask me all the time why my role on the City Council is so important to me. And my answer is pretty simple – I love U. City.

I have lived in Ward 1 for over 20 years, and am the proud parent of two children. I am active in my neighborhood and my kids’ schools, and proud to live in a city where people from different cultures, religions, orientations, colors and political opinions can come together to create a safe, vibrant community.

I serve on the City Council so that I can—with your help—continue to make U. City a better place to live.

I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to have a voice at the table in City government, and a chance to ask the difficult questions that many others have been reluctant to ask—about the budget, City hiring practices, and the future of the golf course, for example. I am not afraid to be the lone voice asking the difficult questions when something isn’t adding up.This may not make me the most popular City Council member among my fellow members, but it makes me a responsible citizen, and reliable steward of your tax dollar.

As a businessman, attorney and civic leader, I have been able to help create an economic climate that is attractive to business owners, developers, shoppers, and the educational institutions that share our city and generate much of our revenue. Seeking smart economic solutions together is part of what makes U. City a great place to live. We need to keep balancing our economic needs with the needs of our homeowners, citizens and residents – who love U. City’s quiet streets and green spaces – through open lines of communication.

Most of all – I love U. City for its promise. As I walk down Delmar in the Loop and talk with small business owners, or visit with families at Passport Night at Flynn Park School I’m encouraged by what I hear. I hear stories from people who share my love of the City, and who are standing beside me, asking the tough questions. And who—along with me—are asking the most important question of all:

“How can we make U. City a better place to live?”